«Will you marry me?»

…For better!

The magic of the season has already cast a spell on your heart and you find yourself wanting to turn your relationship with your better half into a dream come true.  Whether your couple is in its early days or your table is surrounded by a horde of boisterous children, the most important thing to do is to make your marriage proposal memorable, setting the stage “… for better”.  To that end, here are a few unusual, playful and romantic ideas to enhance your proposal.

Focusing on intimacy, why not create a little treasure hunt, using riddles and post-it notes strategically placed along the path to the engagement ring?  In a similar way, a garland of lights woven around a “Please marry me” should seduce her as soon as she gets to the bedroom.

Couples who prefer to declare their love eloquently and publicly can do so by placing an ad in their chosen one’s favourite newspaper or even live on the radio. And, why not, with the owner’s permission, get some “screen time”, using a DVD, to post your proposal on the restaurant’s giant screen?

But be careful!  According to Nicolas Garreau, Marriage Proposal Scenario Specialist, hiding the ring inside a cake or replacing the king cake’s fève with jewellery might kill the mood: a number of women literally break a tooth on the gem or, worse, one woman in five swallows the ring when their beloved hides it in a champagne glass! Likewise for the text that might be misinterpreted as a botched proposal, or the bedside proposal that, apparently, succeeds only in disappointing women.


Enchantment in numbers

An annual Mariage Québec survey revealed in 2009 that over 25% of marriage proposals take place in December.  In addition, 56% of future spouses propose on their knees, as dictated by tradition; 37% of men asked their sweetheart’s father for their permission; 87% of future spouses received the ring on that occasion versus 26% of couples who chose their wedding bands together.

In short, whether one chooses a spectacular, funny or a thoroughly romantic setting for their “greatest proposal”, the most passionate method will always involve proposing face to face while gazing lovingly into your darling’s eyes.