Decorating Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Captivating Colours

Spring pastels and summer bling have come and gone…  We sweetly sink into a décor of warm autumn colours.  While orange is a must, moss green, burgundy, eggplant and cream are also essential.  We splash on bits of gold, copper and bronze and voila:  we’ve achieved our goal and created a hushed, intimate setting.


Rustic Elegance or How to Avoid the Halloween Effect

Sure, pumpkins may have the starring role, whether plain or glittery, but we can spruce up the décor with various elements reminiscent of harvesting crops and grapes.  Maple leaves, pinecones, traditional Mason jar raffia, corks, hazelnuts and acorns, wooden logs, birch bark and bare branches transform, when artfully paired, into magnificent centerpieces.

Lighting must be soft.  We increasingly use candles, whether by inserting pillar candles into traditional lanterns or by stacking small apples and zucchini, amongst other items, inside a transparent candle jar under floating candles.  In the same vein, we can use a glass filled with corks or acorns to filter Chinese lantern lighting.  Light garlands, especially those with mini-lights, also play their part, wrapping around large bouquets of branches.

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Flowers and Presents: Truly Essential

In fact, ideally, we choose seasonal flowers, dahlias, chrysanthemum and sunflowers for instance, harmonizing with the event’s colour scheme.  The rose, a perfect metaphor for romance, always finds its way into the display, unveiling shades of autumn, juxtaposed with wheat stalks.  Lavender, for its part, helps illustrate the grape harvest scene.  To that end, a Provençale touch using cork, grape bunches and shades of cream, sparkling white and eggplant perfectly merge into this theme.

As presents to your guests, consider offering cute jars of local delicacies, such as honey, jams, jellies, delicate spreads, bottles of maple syrup or cider, with traditional labels and dressed up with raffia.  Please note that the summer menu and drinks are still in use.  In addition, plan for appropriate heating if the wedding will be celebrated outdoors.
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