Cocktails or Mixing Business with Pleasure

Forget the heat!  Fall, coming to a neighbourhood near you, will soon enfold the ambiance with its warm and changing colours.  And “back to school” also means “back to work”.  In the cosy ambiance this sweet season heralds, why not take advantage of it to turn your corporate events into festive moments with a cocktail reception?


Of course, “Cheers” applies to every theme!  Whether for a launch, retirement, to celebrate a promotion, to improve networking, or to simply strengthen team building, a cocktail offers participant a less formal, more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.  In fact, this formula is trending into a must with businesses.  We therefore suggest that the décor emphasize the seasonal hues, that the lighting be dimmed and enhanced with candlelight, and the mood rounded out with ambiance music that supports the theme using, for instance, lounge, classical or retro music.  Go one step further and wow them with a surprise such as a short show with either a mixologist, a casino dealer or an appearance by a comedian!

The ABC’s of Success

If you plan on having more than twenty guests, it is best to call upon professional catering services. Generally, cocktails involve eating standing up, which simplifies logistics: unobstructed space allows everyone to walk about freely and meet and greet.  However, it is best to have a few chairs and low tables on hand, especially if media professionals are on location, as this will make their job easier to handle.

At the event, the cocktail might use one of three formulas: a cocktail dinner, during which guests will be served morsels that might happily marry sweet and savoury flavours; the “self-serve” cold buffet; cocktail stations and gourmet trays, more substantial and fun.  Why not have your cake and eat it by delighting your audience with delicious local farm-to-table offerings, whether via the menu or the wine list.  To that end, we can count on approximately fifteen hors-d’oeuvres per person, as well as moderate alcohol consumption, ideally around four units per guest.
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