Make Your Christmas Party Sparkle

Planning for the entertainment, gifts, meals and, above all, wanting to make the annual office party an unforgettable event that will stand out during the holiday season?  That’s a formidable task to take on, so here are a few suggestions to help you achieve your goal.

Form a Committee

Putting together that inescapable Christmas party is usually a team effort so as to better delegate the numerous tasks and brainstorm a multitude of ideas.  A priori, you should understand your allocated budget as well as your intended audience, amongst others, using a survey.  To that end, you could put together a focus or discussion group by assembling five to ten volunteers, depending on the size of the company, in order to draw a realistic portrait of the entire workforce, including their preferences and values.  That way, you’ll find it easier to choose the proper location (at the office, in a restaurant or using a rented hall with a catering service), the type of meal (banquet, buffet, cocktail reception) and the ambiance you wish to foster to fire up your guests’ festive spirit.

In addition, it’s very possible that many employees will not know one another, and the party will be the ideal occasion to promote team building.  We suggest that you organise games and personalized gift exchanges so as to highlight everyone’s personality, break the ice and provide fun discussion opportunities: humour is always win-win.
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Theme Variations

It’s unquestionably the holiday season!  Christmas decorations are therefore a must.  On the other hand, we can bring changes to the theme, adding a joyful and original touch in accordance with your focus group findings.  A disco party might earn unanimous approval.  The 70s would then be the highlight with its indispensable sequins, shiny decorations, disco ball and funky music.  Presents could be bought based on the employees’ year of birth, in deference to nostalgia.

You could also go with a Sunny South theme with Latin and reggae beats, inviting a salsa teacher and using Caribbean style decorations: oranges, lagoon blues and greens, white sand and a multitude of miniature coloured lights.  The presents: practical items for the summer season.  A gala might also be an option.  Glamorous outfits with boas and bling, crooner music and Christmas classics, complete with the requisite retrospective annual “good idea” and “memorable moment” trophy awards, with comic antics playing the starring role.

In fact, you have an infinite number of options at your disposal.  It’s up to you to choose based on your guests!  Feel free to contact our team for further information!