2017 Wedding: Decorating Trends

A word to the wise: 2016’s rustic, country style is still going strong this year.  However in 2017, this trend splits into three specific themes, namely the Boho hipster, romantic pastels or a tropical, Cinco de Mayo style.  Whatever your personal style dictates, one decorating guideline rises above the rest and it can be narrowed down to one simple word: fluidity.

The Colour Chart 

For the hipsters, the wedding feast will be coloured in distressed dark blues and burgundy, contrasting with the eye-popping tropical style’s fuchsia, lemon and turquoise.  All of the softest pastel shades are in the spotlight, particularly rose quartz.  No matter what your style might be, this year’s trendiest colour is yellow glittering with gold.

Ethereal Nature

Whether indoors or under the big top, we trade heavy-duty effects for fluttery, artsy outfits and ambiance.  The lucky bride’s slim dress is adorned with lace; the bow tie makes a powerful comeback and replaces the groom’s tie.  Succulent, aromatic plants take over as centerpieces, as required by this year’s botanic chic trend. Lanterns still reign supreme but deck the place in illuminated clusters of garland and hang from floral arches.  In the same vein, candelabra take over from understated lanterns.

In short, 2017 will send out a breath of freshness with an eclectic “Yes, I want it!”