2017 Wedding: Eco-Friendly and DIY

This trend hails from California and is one that should last: eco-responsibility and Do It Yourself (DIY). It can be applied daily and holds a solid place in the very heart of the 2017 “green” wedding, from the invitation to good grub by way of the wedding band.

The Guests

“You are invited” by email!  In these 2.0 days, announcements are digital and guests can reply using text messaging.  Some of the betrothed even go as far as creating a blog or website to share practical wedding information.  Why not?  Some advice for the more traditional-minded: send invitations by regular mail but use recycled paper.  The same goes for seating plans that you can do yourself.  Furthermore, in the spirit of reducing CO2 emissions, we encourage guests living in the same general area to carpool.


On site decorations could not be any more rustic.  Flowers are provided by a local merchant, and, whether fresh or dried, ideally in season.  Wildflower bouquets, lavender and eucalyptus stems abound.  Tables can also be adorned with lovingly hand grown succulent plants, mixed herbs or potted flowers.  It goes without saying that the lighting gently and intimately sets the ambiance using a multitude of candles of various sizes, or even with a selection of energy efficient light garlands.

On the menu, local products, preferably organic and in season, are in the spotlight, as are the wines, drinks and spirits, delicacies crafted by local artisans.

Fair Trade

The wedding dress is made of natural fabric, or, in vintage fashion, consists of a pretty, previously worn outfit that can be rented.  Wedding bands are made from recycled gold and gems are fair trade, whether they are diamonds or this year’s very fashionable semi-precious stones. “Blood diamonds” should therefore be avoided.

For additional guidance, please feel free to contact us!

Wedding Budget: Sunday Wedding

Morning light, a glass of mimosa in hand in a country setting.  We look forward to a delicious Sunday morning meal but not before we witness our courting couple’s wedding.  In fact, Sunday brunch gives us a perfect opportunity to celebrate a marriage, whether in terms of wedding costs, Sundays being less busy, or in regards to the joyous ambiance under a radiant sun.

Tips and Tricks

We greet guests around 9:30 am, offering them either a kir, mimosa or the traditional champagne flute with strawberry.  The ceremony, held on the charming site, takes place at 10 am and the party, starting with the brunch service, should ideally begin no later than 11:30 am.

In addition to the welcome cocktail, a refreshment table with a variety of self-serve lemonades awaits, as well as a candy bar for the younger crowd or for those with a sweet tooth.  Another fine addition might be a service selection of fine coffees, teas and herbal teas.

Colours?  Summery pastels with yellow, alongside white, taking precedence.  Centerpieces should be floral, whether delicate or majestic, the lighting being already taken care of by the brightness of the natural midday sun.

Wedding Budget: Nuptials Under a Starry Sky

Friday. The workweek is ending, giving everyone the perfect excuse to enjoy an all night party. Why not take advantage of this perfect timing and get married under the stars, in a wedding where romance and joy unite? The perks of such a magical wedding abound!
Let’s hit the dance floor tonight!
A priori, getting married on a Friday often costs less than doing so on a Saturday; there are numerous discounts and promotions for room rentals and caterers as well as other suppliers. Other additional benefits include originality as well as an ambiance formed of equal doses of festivity and intimacy. The wedding feast can discarded. Guests arrive shortly before sundown to a profusion of canapés and welcome cocktails prior to inviting them to the outdoor ceremony under the starlit skies, for a completely romantic union… And the party begins, with dancing of course, and with friendship and fun taking precedence. Some great options are an open bar and a copious end of the night buffet to treat the guests, including a S’mores bar, a trendy 2017 delight.
Let’s vanish into a décor woven of midnight blue, white and sliver. The ceiling is alight with light garlands onto which hang some round white or bluish Chinese lanterns, mirroring this unforgettable evening’s celestial dome. Surrounding the dance floor are tables awaiting guests who wish to take a break or savour the buffet service.
It goes without saying that the focus must be on the lighting. Centrepieces consist of white candles in silver chandeliers, of a multitude of lanterns in transparent containers, or of tall or round vases filled with marbles and strip lighting.

“Will you marry me?”

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